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Our Menu

Ask about our daily homemade soups!
Available by the cup, bowl or quart


All day, every day

$7.49Mama's Omelet

Three egg omelet served with choice of bread & tots or fruit
Add Bacon | Turkey sausage | Scrapple | Virginia baked ham 1.49
Add American | Provolone | Mozzarella | Swiss | Brie | Pepper jack | Cheddar 1.25
Add tomato | roasted pepper | bell peppers | spinach | mushrooms | onion .75

$7.49Homemade Waffle

Add bananas or chocolate chips .99

Shoo Mama's Breakfast Tot-Chos

Golden brown tater tots topped with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, sausage gravy & cheddar cheese
Small 6.49 | Medium 10.99 | Large 19.99


Add bananas or chocolate chips .99
(gluten free option available)
3 Pancakes 7.99 | 1 Pancake 2.99

$4.49Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Served on a bagel, English muffin, toast or as a wrap
Add bacon | turkey sausage | scrapple | Virginia baked ham 1.25
Substitute with egg whites 1.25

French Toast

(Gluten free option available)
3 French Toasts 7.99 | 1 French Toast 2.99


With whipped cream cheese (Plain or veggie) 2.69

$7.99Biscuits & Sausage Gravy


$7.99Cream Chipped Beef

Served with tots & toast

$2.49Local Yogurt

$2.49Breakfast Meat

$8.99Farmer's Breakfast Platter

2 eggs, choice of bread, choice of meat & tater tots or fruit
Choice of bread: rye toast | white toast | wheat toast | English muffin | bagel
Choice of meat: bacon | turkey sausage | scrapple | Virginia baked ham

$2.25Pure Maple Syrup

3 oz

Mama's Favorites

Local Angus Burgers*

Tell us how you like it... variety of toppings available
Add bacon | sautéed mushrooms | avocado | choice of cheese 1.00 each
¼ Burger 8.49 | ½ Burger 10.49

$10.49Catfish Reuben*

Sautéed catfish with blackening seasoning, cole slaw, chipotle mayo on brioche

Tot - Chos

Golden brown tater tots topped with spicy cheese, taco seasoned 
ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, jalapeños
Small (1 person) 6.49 | Medium (2-3 people) 10.99 | Large (4-6 people) 19.99

$9.49Chicken Tenders

(Gluten free)

Panini Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with a pickle spear and your choice of side item.
Add Tot-Chos for an additional 2.99

$10.49Lynn's Mama

Grilled chicken breast, Virginia smoked ham, mozzarella & honey mustard

$10.49Gary's Mama

Turkey Reuben with smoked turkey breast, Swiss, cole slaw & Thousand Island

$10.49Ralphie's Mama

Smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon and provolone with tomato-avocado bruschetta

$10.49Cole's Mama

Grilled chicken, corn-black bean salsa, pepper jack cheese, avocado and chipotle mayo

$10.49Dewey's Mama

Smoked turkey breast, brie, crispy bacon & fresh spinach with cran-mayo

$10.49Armando's Mama

Chicken smothered in homemade sauce with provolone and mozzarella
(grilled or fried)

$10.49Raff's Mama

Buffalo chicken tenders, pepper jack cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce and blue cheese dressing

$10.49Brenda's Mama (Veggie)

Sautéed portobello mushroom cap, red onions, roasted red peppers and spinach with provolone

$10.49Amy's Mama

Roast beef, red onion & provolone with creamy horseradish

$10.49Annie's Mama (Veggie)

Cucumbers, diced tomatoes, spinach, onions, roasted peppers, olives & feta in oil & vinegar
(no substitutions please)

Deli Sandwiches

Choice of bread; gluten-free options available
also available as a wrap or on a bagel

$9.49Jackson's Mama

Homemade egg salad with roasted pepper, red onion & romaine lettuce

$10.49Romeo's Mama

Ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, red onion, lettuce & tomato drizzled with Italian dressing

$10.49Lance’s Mama

Sliced turkey, crispy bacon, tomato, romaine lettuce & swiss, with ranch

$10.49Marlene’s Mama (Veggie)

Chickpea hummus, baby spinach, red onion, tomatoes, roasted peppers & mozzarella cheese

$10.49Timmy’s Mama

Homemade organic chicken salad, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone & mayo
Make it spicy... ask for Larry's

$10.49Charlie’s Mama

Tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar & mayo


$10.99Mama’s Combo

Pick any two items from the following:
half panini or deli sandwich, cup of soup, or small salad of your choice


Add chicken salad | tuna salad | egg salad | grilled chicken | turkey | catfish for 2.99

Served with ranch | bleu cheese | sweet & sour vinaigrette (house) | garlic balsamic vinaigrette | Caesar | Italian | honey mustard | French | Thousand Island | Lite Italian
All dressings served on the side unless otherwise specified

Caroline’s Mama Wedge Salad

A crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce, topped with crumbled & creamy bleu cheese dressing, balsamic vinegar reduction, bacon, diced tomatoes & red onions
Small 6.49 | Large 10.49

$10.49Olivia's Mama Chef's Salad

Turkey, ham, roast beef & provolone, with egg, tomatoes, red onions & black olives served over iceberg & romaine mix

Cecilia’s Mama Garden Salad

Tomatoes, black olives, red onions & cucumbers served over iceberg & romaine mix
Small 5.99 | Large 8.99

$10.49Anthony’s Mama Antipasto Salad

Ham, salami, pepperoni & provolone, with egg, tomatoes, red onions & olives served over iceberg & romaine mix

$10.49Megan’s Mama Spinach Salad

Sun-dried cranberries or fresh strawberries (in season), red onions, sweet & spicy nuts, bacon & crumbled bleu cheese served over a bed of organic baby spinach, with our homemade sweet & sour vinaigrette

Johnny’s Mama Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, croutons, red onions, black olives & parmesan cheese served with Caesar dressing
Small 5.99 | Large 8.99

$10.49Miles’ Mama Cobb Salad

Turkey, avocado, bacon with red onions, tomatoes, egg & crumbled bleu cheese, served over iceberg & romaine mix

$9.99Charlotte's Mama Greek Salad

Black olives, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and feta cheese served over iceberg & romaine mix

$10.99Sofia’s Mama Trio Salad

Tuna salad, chicken salad & egg salad, red onion, cucumber & tomato served over iceberg & romaine mix


Fresh Cut Potato Chips

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Fresh Cut Fries

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Sweet Potato Chips

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Potato Salad

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Mac & Cheese

Small 2.99 | Large 5.49

Cole Slaw

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Tater Tots

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Fruit Cup (seasonal)

Small 2.99 | Large 4.99

Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Small 3.99 | Large 5.99

$0.99Homemade Cookie

$2.99Side Salad

Kids Menu

Served with choice of kid-sized side item

$8.49Mia’s Mama Sandwich

Sliced bananas, almond butter and cinnamon drizzled with local honey

$7.49Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich

On white or wheat bread

$6.99Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef Sandwich

On white, wheat or rye bread with American cheese

$6.49Grilled Cheese

on white or wheat bread

$5.99Chicken Tenders

(Gluten free)

$5.49Hot Dog

**Menu items may contain egg, nuts, or dairy products. Please let us know of any food allergies you may have.

* Consuming raw or under-cooked foods such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.